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Together we create
ripples of healing
Blue Lotus Farm & Retreat Center serves children, adults and seniors who are at-risk, physically disadvantaged, mentally challenged, or facing a particular life challenge by providing recreational programs and curative workshops in a caring, accepting and inspiring 64-acre day camp setting.

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My, oh my,
what a wonderful day

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Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Day
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"We come to Blue Lotus to get away, 'be normal', laugh, relax and try new things.
Thank you for a wonderful day."  --A Blue Lotus Visitor

Did You Know??
Studies show that enjoying a natural setting - like a park, beach, wetland, or
forest - can reduce blood pressure, anxiety and stress levels. Exposure to nature can help you sleep well and increase vigor and liveliness. It can even boost your immune system.

2015 blf golf outing
The July 13th event was

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2015 Farm Party Thank You Home Page
Was Held June 13, 2015
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Blue Lotus Farm and Retreat Center is a charitable organization

"Our belief is that as we expand the heart, mind and spirit, we unlock our inner potential, which opens the door to change. Regardless of our abilities, we all have this capability and right. As we change, we move towards inner peace, which also extends out to our community, our country and our world. In this way, it's possible to create ripples of healing that positively impact others as we work to heal ourselves."

--Fred and Susan Bliffert

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Blue Lotus Farm and Retreat Center is a 501(c)(3) tax excempt charitable organization.
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