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What Groups Are Saying About Blue Lotus Farm

"Blue Lotus is not only very beautiful, but extremely peaceful. It is a great place for anyone to forget about their problems, unwind and have a good time."  -Nichole, Milwaukee Center For Independence

"We love coming here - it is an escape from everyday life.  We feel so free, we can move around and we see all sorts of things we don't see in the city.  When we come here, we feel like part of a community, there is oneness.  The staff and volunteers are incredibly kind; they treat you like a human being here, we get attention, we get treated with respect and we always look forward to coming."  -Mike & Eldora, Community Projects for Seniors

"It was a really nice area that had everything I wanted right in one spot."  -Veteran, Milwaukee's VA

"It is really nice to have the bathroom option for both left and right side weakness."  -Karen, St John’s on the Lake

"Everyone had such a wonderful time.  Many just needed the peace and tranquility that Blue Lotus offered...and for some, the ability to do things that they may never have had an opportunity to do without the experience you gave them.  Thank you for making us feel so welcome.  I would love to revisit the farm!"  -MaryEllen, Another Chance at Life

"The group had a great time!!! They said they loved every minute and cannot wait to go back next year, so thank you!"  -Ashley, Easter Seals

"Being able to fish has been on my bucket list and now I can cross that off. This day will remain in my memory always."  -Danny, Elena's House

"As a disabled person myself, Blue Lotus is dear to me.  I believe God and Master works through you and blesses your work.  If hard times come my way I remember what my father told me - you got to keep plugging away.  Just thinking of Blue Lotus helps me do that.  Your farm and retreat are so beautiful, that many lives are uplifted.  I hope it continues on and on.  Take care and God Bless."  -Rick, Milwaukee

"Blue Lotus is a popular and anticipated event; the clients enjoy the seclusion of the property, variety of opportunities and fun to be had.  The Blue Lotus staff was excellent, flexible and accommodating.  Thank you!"  -Ariel, Portal Inc.

"Thank you! The girls cannot stop talking about all the fun they had. It was truly a pleasure to be out on God's beautiful earth."  -Carolyn, Lissy's Place

"This outing for our seniors is very important.  They all comment how beautiful, quiet & peaceful everything is.  That is what it is all about!"  -Jeffery, Community Projects for Seniors

"Blue Lotus is a beautiful venue for our end of year field trip.  It is a relaxing, tranquil setting that my students enjoy coming back to year after year.  Great staff!"  -Ryan, West Bend West High School

"Such a great time.  The families often say it is their favorite Variety event during the year.  We love coming back each year."  -Jessi, Variety

"There are all kinds of activities to choose from at Blue Lotus, leaving something for everyone; from boating, fishing, hiking & swimming to games, relaxing and socializing."  -Kelly, Threshold Inc.
 "Coming to Blue Lotus is like being in a movie.  I always saw such beautiful places like this on TV and in movies and always wished I could experience it in person and now here I am.  I never thought it was possible."  -Neela, Community Projects for Seniors

"These are some of the best wheelchair accessible bathrooms around; you can actually fit a wheelchair in them!  I wish everyone was able to come out here to see how to create a real wheelchair accessible bathroom."  -Angela, St John’s on the Lake

"Thank-you so much for the use of the magical place.  For a group of people that get together once a month and to see them just drop their shoulders and lift a smile was worth more than I can say."  -Anonymous

“We come to Blue Lotus to get away, 'be normal', laugh, relax and try new things. Thank you so much for the wonderful day. The picnic was wonderful, the campfire was perfect for roasting our hot dogs and I just love Blue Lotus! We had a wonderful summer again and can’t wait to schedule our next year’s visits. Thank you, thank you!”  -Kari, Portal, Inc. 

“The guests had a wonderful time relaxing, swimming, canoeing, eating, and just enjoying the fresh air in a very safe and comfortable place.  Each one of your volunteers added special gifts to the day and your cheerful service was a blessing for them and for us."  -David & Nancy, Hephatha

"I love to experience the animal medicine of the farm –– there are so many sacred encounters with their world, and it awakens something deep within me. When I’m at the farm, they become a part of my world again, and I become part of theirs. Time at the farm is always an opportunity for me to reconnect to spirit, to reawaken my heart. And if I stay for any longer period of time at the farm, my world begins to shift. Things slow down, my mind becomes even quieter, and I feel something touching the energy of my heart. Things become sacred again. And there is a deep feeling of ease and grace."  -Ragani

"Thank-you for making me feel so at home and comfortable. The last few days have been very inspirational and I have learned a lot of life-changing techniques and ideas, but staying here with all of you really made it a completely wonderful experience. From the first step I walked into this house, your warmth & the spirit of love filled me up and I am ever grateful. I know our paths will cross again but, meanwhile, blessings and love to all."  -Virginia, Hong Kong

"Thank–you for everything!!  Your hospitality was greatly appreciated.  I love the farm!!!  You (Susan) are a great cook and your meals were served with love."  -Kathleen, Madison, WI

"Thank you everyone who did all this work for our outing. It was especially wonderful for me as it was my first outing after being ill. I was so blessed with contentment and peace. Thank everyone and may God doubly bless you for thinking of others."  -Audrey, Agape Community Center of Milwaukee

”Starting with the long driveway we were transformed into a beautiful world of caring, sharing, talking, listening and laughing.  We are still smiling.”  -Bob, Mary & Rebecca

“I heard your interview this morning on WMYX.  It was so inspiring.  I am a sixth grade reading teacher in Kettle Moraine (Dousman),and we recently finished reading a book called The Acorn People, about disabled kids attending a summer camp that was designed for kids without disabilities.  It is a heartwarming story about the kids and their brave counselor.  It is based on a true story.  I printed out most of your website to share with my students tomorrow.  Thanks for inspiring us, and we'll see where that will take us. Thanks!”  -Lea Boyd


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